Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm Back And A Foodie Tag!

Hi is great to be back! So much has happened this year and I've really missed sharing my life here with you. It's my New Year's goal to re-start my blog and make it bigger and better! Not only do I plan to continue sharing recipes with you, I will be doing "tags", showing and reviewing my empties, and much more. Tags are when other's create questions on particular subjects and you answer them. Empties are where you show the products you've used up and do a mini review. Those are just a couple of the new things..I am excited to share. I welcome any new viewers and thank everyone that has supported me and my blog in the past.

So...lets kick it all off with a tag from Amanda at Amanda Mysonandi. If you've not seen her on Youtube, I encourage you to check her out. I am new to her channel and have really enjoyed watching her videos.

This tag is about feeding toddlers. I don't have any toddlers but I do have a 6 year old and I will be answering the questions with her in mind.

1. What is your meal and snack schedule?
A. On school days my daughter eats breakfast a little after 6 AM. She is a very good eater and she is always ready to eat as soon as she gets up. Breakfasts consist of a variety of things such as, whole wheat pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage, yogurt, healthy cereal, wheat toast, and smoothies. I send a snack to school every day. I usually choose from fresh fruit, homemade muffins or cookies, 1/2 of a sandwich (jelly w/cream cheese), dried fruit, or cereal bar. I pack my daughter's lunch each day. It usually consists of a deli sandwich or wrap, tuna, a salad, fruit, fresh veggies, yogurt etc. I also make homemade Lunchables and she loves those. After school she wants to eat non stop and I usually have to limit the snacks so she doesn't spoil her dinner. I cook a full dinner each night and that is the meal she is least favorable of.

2. How much of your day is spent preparing food for your child.
A. Hours! I cook and bake from scratch daily and that is very time consuming. I very rarely rely on processed food.

3. Where do you find new recipes?
A. I love scouring my cookbooks and getting recipe inspirations from my friends. I've also gotten some great recipes from YouTube and like several cooking blogs.

4. Does your child have any diet restrictions?
A. No

5. What is your child's favorite food or snack?
A. Strawberries, grapes, yogurt, tuna, chicken salad, marinated artichoke hearts, black name a few.

6. What food are you surprised your child loves?
A. Miso soup with tofu, sardines, and artichokes.

7. What is a typical toddler friendly food that your child won't eat?
A. Peanut butter

8. What kind of milk does your child drink? Whole, 2%, almond?
A. 2% milk, almond, and coconut milk.

9. Does your toddler use kid dishes or adult dishes?
A. Toddler dishes. I love the dishes with dividers and spill proof cups.

10. If you could give advice to yourself 6 months ago, what would it be?
A. Don't buy those Oreos! It is something that I rarely buy...and I am sorry every time I do. The minute a bag is in the house....I don't hear the end of it until they are gone. Big mistake!


Melissa said...

Welcome back!

Amanda Mysonandi said...

I love your answers! I try really hard to make everything from scratch as well, glad to meet other mom's who do the same! Looking forward to more posts from you since I am now following you on Google reader:)

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